BestFactor Ingredients and benefits

When choosing a supplement to help you to lose weight, it all comes down to the ingredients you are getting.

So what are the BestFactor ingredients? Let’s have a quick look at both Max and Plus and see how they can help you.

The BestFactor Max Ingredients

This supplement is loaded with powerful ingredients that can boost up even the most difficult weight loss diet.

Garcinia Cambogia

Probably the most popular weight loss supplement today. Why? Because Garcinia gives you a whole new approach to losing weight! Now it is no longer about going as low as possible with your calories. It is about optimizing your body for a better calorie burn.

It means you can take it easier with your diet because your body will improve its ability to burn fat and calories.

With Garcinia Cambogia, you can expect the following benefits

Optimizing Your Liver

Optimize your liver to burn more fat and carbohydrates from the food you are eating. It means you will have to deal with fewer calories coming from your diet. It also means that no fat will be stored in your body and it gets easier to get rid of the body fat you have accumulated over the years.

Suppress Your Appetite

Hunger attacks and cravings for food can make it difficult to stick to your diet, especially after a couple of weeks in your diet. Suppressing your appetite is an excellent way to solve this issue because you will feel full and satisfied faster.

Help You to Control Comfort Eating

Comfort eating is the one reason why so many people are failing their diet. Food simply makes us happy when we are struggling with issues in our personal life. A way to solve this is by raising your body’s level of serotonin, the so-called “happy” hormone. The level of Hydroxy Citric acid you are getting with Garcinia Cambogia is going to do exactly that.

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most powerful Bestfactor ingredients and will benefit you a lot.

You can also check out the article Garcinia Cambogia – A Powerful Weight Loss Ingredient in BestFactor and learn even more about Garcinia.

Tonalin CLA

CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid that will stimulate a couple of fat burning processes in your body. Most important are the stimulation of the LPL enzyme production and the CPT enzyme production, which means less fat on your body.

LPL enzyme production will ensure that less fat will be stored in your body. The CPT enzyme production will lower the uptake of fat coming from your diet.

Tonalin CLA has been said to lower your body fat percentage up to 10%.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone got its fame in one of DR. Oz. Television shows where he rated it as the best weight loss supplement. The Ketones in Raspberry increases your thermogenesis (your body’s heat production), as well as your lipolysis (breakdown of body fat).

Raspberry Ketones makes it possible because it can increase levels of a protein named Adiponectin in your body. It is a fat burning hormone that will absorb fat and help you with your oxidation.

Thin people have higher levels of Adiponectin in their body than obese people.


Caffeine is the best energizer available. Besides load you with energy, caffeine will also increase your mental alertness, focus, and levels of concentration. Remember more energy means you will burn more calories.

You are going to love the caffeine you are getting with BestFactor. Usually, low-calorie dieting will drain your body of energy. You are avoiding that by using BestFactor.


Taurine gives you lot’s of benefits when it comes to your overall health and weight loss. If you like to workout you are going to get a good muscle building companion in Taurine, it will maintain muscle mass and keep your metabolism high.

B Vitamin Combo

B vitamins help you to lose weight in many different ways like improving your body’s way to burn carbohydrates and fat. It will make your body digest the food you are eating better and increase your energy levels.

Another great benefit with B vitamins is that it will b

It is a potent combination of ingredients you are getting with Bestfactor Max, no doubt about that. Remember, many of these ingredients are often sold as stand alone supplements with a high price tag that you have to pay for Bestfactor.

The BestFactor Plus Ingredients

BestFactor plus is not so much about losing weight but more about improving your immune system. Let’s have a look at the Bestfactor ingredients you are getting here.


Wellmune is a very exciting component that can bind to your body’s immune cells and spread out in your body to remove toxins and bacteria that are making your body’s immune system weaker.

When taking Wellmune, it becomes easier to avoid diseases, flues, and colds. You will also get relief when it comes to lifestyle stress, allergy and a lot of other issues.

Wellmune is the result of more than $300 million research and is just ready for you to get started. It is one of the most powerful Bestfactor ingredients when it comes to your immune system.


Colostrum contains immunoglobulin which is a protein that gives you a couple of benefits.

  • Improvement of your immune system
  • A better digestive system
  • Better levels of hormones
  • And a faster muscle recovery

The Colostrum we are dealing with here comes from cows and is great for overall immune system enhancement.

Manuka Honey

This Honey is all natural and will help you to get rid of bacteria floating around in your body. Manuka is perfect when you don’t want to get sick from cases of flu and colds during the winter.

If you are starting to get a sore throat? Get some Manuka Honey, and you will get relief.

The Manuka Honey you are getting with BestFactor Plus will also help you to remove Helicobacter Pylori that causes stomach ulcers.


Zinc is vital for your body to function correctly. For men, it is essential for testosterone and semen production but also for thyroid, healing of wounds, your eyes, and overall immune system.

Citrus Bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids is an overall health enhancer that also will strengthen your veins and help you to control your cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C, D, E

Vitamins that will help you to improve your health and to avoid diseases. It is always recommended to get extra vitamins because it can be difficult to get them covered from our diet.

Learn more About Bestfactor

Don’t forget to check our full Bestfactor review and learn everything you want to know about how this supplement will make you lose weight.

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