10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Faster and Easier

Taking care of your metabolism is an excellent idea when you want to lose weight. It is probably the most useful tool you have at your disposal when you want to get rid of body fat and become slimmer.

However, most people when dieting is not that aware of how powerful using your metabolism can be. They often end up doing the opposite, like low-calorie dieting, which ends up hurting and slowing down your metabolism.

A slow metabolism is the main reason why so many people experience a weight gain six to twelve months after finishing their diet. You can avoid this weight gain by using your metabolism to help you losing weight.

In the following, we are going to give you 10 different ways to boost your metabolism for a better weight loss.

We want you to take action right away and get started to lose weight, so we have an added an action plan with each of the tips we present to you.

Eat, So You Feel Full and Satisfied

Yes, you do have to cut calories when you want to lose weight, but low-calorie diets do slow down your metabolism. It is simply a question of finding the right balance where you eat until you feel full and satisfied without going overboard.

Also, make sure to stick to healthy food choices and eliminate fatty and unhealthy food.

Action Plan: Eliminate unhealthy food from your plate in each of your meals and replace it with vegetables. Vegetables are good for you, fill up your stomach and do not contain a lot of calories.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water will not only make you stay hydrated it will also rev up your metabolism. Another benefit is that drinking water will help you to stay full and satisfied so you don’t go overboard with your calories.

Often when we think we are hungry, it is because we are thirsty and crave water.

Action Plan: Next time you are hungry get a big glass of water first and see if you are still hungry 20 minutes later.

Eat Breakfast Like a King

It seems so counterintuitive that so many people do not eat breakfast but have no issues eating a bag of potato chips before bedtime. Don’t do that, instead put some focus on your breakfast instead. It is with this meal you almost can eat whatever you want.

Don’t do that, instead put some focus on your breakfast instead. It is with this meal you almost can eat whatever you want.

It is a fact that especially women who skip breakfast are more likely to become obese. Why? Probably, because they will comfort eat during the day and in the evening as a replacement for the breakfast, and that way end up eating more calories!

Action Plan: Forget about egg whites, eat whole eggs instead. Honestly, it is sad for the chicken to leave out half of the egg. Besides that, the yolk contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. One to three eggs in the morning is not going to put you at risk when it comes to high cholesterol levels.

Make sure to get some good sources of protein for breakfast like fish, chicken, and meat. If you are vegetarian beans at this time will do you good.

Increase Your Protein Intake

There are numerous reasons why you should increase your protein intake and cut down on your carbohydrates. First, it takes your body longer time to digest proteins meaning you will feel full and satisfied longer. Remember, digesting your food takes energy in the form of calories, and the longer time it takes to digest proteins will increase your metabolism and make you burn more calories.

Action Plan: Try to make sure you are getting at least 30 grams of proteins in each of your meals. A good rule of thumb is that 100 grams of fish, meat, chicken, or whatever source of meat contain around 21 grams of proteins. So 100 grams of meat in each of your meals is an excellent starting point to reach 30 grams of proteins.

Drink Coffee and Tea But Stay Away From Energy Drinks

Caffeine and Coffee good for weight loss

Caffeine is not healthy, and it may cause addiction. With that being said caffeine is at the same time one of the best fat burner and metabolism boosters you can get. It raises your energy levels and gives you 10% more energy during workouts, and work.

So if you want to lose weight make sure to get a good cup of coffee in the mornings and one later during the day, it will boost your weight loss and metabolism.

It is important that you do not exceed two cups per day, too much caffeine, and your body will get used to it.

Energy drinks should be avoided; they contain lots of sugar, corn syrup, and calories. So the extra energy you will get from them means that you will have to work harder to get rid of the calories you just got.

Action Plan: If you are not a coffee drinker, don’t become one. Instead, get started drinking green tea. It gives you caffeine as well and is a powerful antioxidant that will flush out toxins in your body.

Also, get rid of energy drinks, sodas and all the other sugar rich drinks you are having.

Go Organic As Possible

Try to get as much organic food as possible, but don’t be too hard on yourself if it ‘s hard to get. Unfortunately many places organic food is still costly, sometimes even a rip-off.

The biggest benefit eating organic is that you will get rid off all the pesticides and toxins a lot of food contains. Toxins make it difficult to lose weight and slows down your metabolism.

What you want to aim for is a digestive system that is as clean as possible, it makes it easier to boost metabolism and lose weight.

Action Plan: Search in local newspapers, supermarkets, etc. for organic markets in your area. Plan a trip with family or friends to visit some of these markets. First, buy some organic vegetables and feel how good they taste. It is the easiest way to get started eating organic.

Often supermarket has their organic department, go there as well.

Eat Fish and Omega 3

Especially salmon is recommended, but other types of fish like herring and tuna will do as well. Omega 3 is the key here, and you will get plenty of it from especially salmon. This oil will speed up your metabolism and will accelerate your fat burn.

It may sound counterintuitive to eat more fat to burn fat, but Omega 3 is way different from other sorts of fat, and your body needs it.

Action Plan: Start to eat fish at least twice a week. Avoid classic American sushi containing lots of Philadelphia cheese and mayonnaise. Stick to the real stuff. If you don’t like fish, then get your omega 3 from a supplement.

Get a Piece of Dark Chocolate Every Day

We are talking about the real stuff, where you are getting at least 80% chocolate, with less or no sugar.

Chocolate will increase your metabolism and lower the levels of stress in your body. You will also get a boost in your serotonin levels which will make you stay more active and happy, an important part of being on a diet.

Action Plan: Having a piece of chocolate daily can be used as a reward. It will make it easier to avoid cravings for sweets during the day. Because the taste of chocolate is so dense, one piece enough to satisfy your needs.

Build Lean Muscles

For a long time, scientists have believed that gaining one pound of muscle mass would burn additional 50 calories per 24 hours while you are resting. This number has shown not to be accurate; it is more like between 6 and 10 calories extra per day.

Muscle Building good for weight loss

So does this mean it is a waste of time build lean muscles and strength? Not! When going to the gym to build lean muscles and strength, you can easily end up burning between 600 and 800 calories for an hour of lifting weights. Then y

When going to the gym to build lean muscles and strength, you can easily end up burning between 600 and 800 calories for an hour of lifting weights. Then you have the afterburn, some calories you will be burning the hours after your workout session. The after burn from lifting weights is far better than the after burning you are getting from a cardio session.

Training your muscles does burn a lot of calories when you work for it.

Action Plan: Get started in a gym and do a muscle building program three times a week. Feel free to combine it with cardio after lifting weights.

Alternatively, you can create your own muscle building workout routine from the comfort of your home if you are not happy about gyms. Most important is to move your muscles.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is rather important for your metabolism, so you will have to make sure to get all the sleep you need. How much is an individual question, but aim to get at least seven and a half hour each night?

Also, make sure there are no phones, smartphones, computers or tablets in your bedroom. Just the thought of having them there will disturb your sleep.

Action Plan: The best type of sleep you can get is the kind where you wake up by yourself in the morning without the use of an alarm clock. Make sure this becomes a habit of yours.

If you cannot get up in time, then adjust your sleep pattern by going earlier to bed. Never use the alarm clock.

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