How Long Should a Weight Loss Diet Take?

I want to lose 20 lbs in one month. Or take a closer look at my before and after pictures, where I was able to lose 30 pounds in two months!

We are constantly being bombarded with unrealistic weight loss goals, supported and backed up by unrealistic weight loss achievements.

The big question here is, how long should it take you to lose weight?

Obvious the simple answer to this issue is, it all depends on how much weight you want to lose. But there is another factor playing a role here; The speed of your weight loss.

A Fast Weight Loss Is Not Necessary The Best Solution.

There are diets out there like the Official HCG Diet that can make it possible for extremely obese people to lose up to one pound of body fat per day. It may sound like a dream come true for many because it means you can be done with your diet in two or three weeks time.

But a fast weight loss is not necessarily the right solution for two obvious reasons.

  • Your brain and metabolism will kick back on you
  • The build up of excessive stomach skin


Your Brain and Metabolism Will Kick Back On You

Another issue you are going to deal with if you are losing weight too quickly is your brain and metabolism. They will think your rapid weight loss as an emergency; something happened that prevented you from eating. When you have finished your diet, you will start to gain weight because your body will compensate for the lost calories.

Some people may even end up gaining more weight than when they started their weight loss diet.

You Build Up Excessive Stomach Skin

When you lose weight too fast, your stomach skin does not have the time to adapt to your weight loss, and it becomes rather flappy. It is a problem extremely obese; people are dealing with where a skin removal surgery will be a part of their diet.

But also people who just want to lose between 10 and 20 lbs may end up with excessive stomach skin if they were losing weight too fast.

an example of how excessive stomach skin may look like

Take it Slowly

So, when you want to lose weight, it is a much better idea to take it slowly. Make sure your stomach skin can go along, so you do not end up with loose skin. It is challenging to get rid of, and it will require surgery. There are no magic creams to fix this issue.

Also, make sure your calorie intake is more natural, so your brains do not think you are in an emergency.

One Pound Per Week

So the best approach to losing weight and the easiest one to maintain is to lose one pound of body fat per week. It may sound like a prolonged process, but it is simpler to manage. In the long run, you will end up reaching your weight loss goals faster. You will not end up with a lot of setbacks because the process is more natural for your body.

So How Long Should Your Weight Loss Diet Take?

If you want to lose 5 lbs, spend the next ten weeks on a diet. If you want to lose 20 pounds, it is going to take 20 weeks.

I know, it does sound like a lot of time. But the good news is that you don’t have to isolate yourself from social arrangements or anything else that could give you some extra calories. If you ate too many calories one day, you could easily adapt it the next few days.

The Greatest Benefit

With this process you are getting one very significant benefit, that has nothing to do with your stomach skin or metabolism. You will not develop an unhealthy relationship with food, as long as you are aware of what you are doing.

What Does it Take to Do This?

In numbers and theories, it will require eating 500 calories less per day to lose one pound of body fat per week. You can do this by finding your calorie set point, which is the number of calories you require for your weight to stay the same.

When you have concluded that, by counting calories for two weeks, you take away 500 calories per day, it will be enough to promote a one pound weight loss per week.


You can also say that you want to stay on your calorie intake set point and then exercise to burn 500 calories daily.

Or Do Both

However, the best approach here is to do a combination of those two. Eat a little bit less and exercise three or four times weekly.

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