5 Tips To Start Your Weight Loss Journey for a Slimmer You

Have you decided that now is the time to get started on your weight loss journey for a slimmer you?

No matter if you have done it before, or this is your first diet, I recommend you to look through these 5five tips to start your weight loss journey for a slimmer you.

They are pretty basic and easy to use and give you the maximum results for the least effort.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Lot’s of proteins are good when you want to lose weight. Increasing your intake and lower your carbohydrate intake will make your body burn fat and make you slimmer.

Increasing your protein intake will also make you feel full and satisfied faster, and that way suppresses your appetite.

Remember, you don’t have to turn into red meat only to increase your protein intake. Chicken, fish, eggs, beans and other vegetables are excellent sources of proteins as well. So on this one, there is no excuse.

Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At this time you have been fasting while you were sleeping you need need to fuel your body with a good combo of proteins, healthy fat, and carbohydrates. When having a healthy breakfast, you don’t have to focus too much on being on a diet. You have the whole day ahead of you to burn off the calories.

If you skip breakfast because you want to lose weight faster, you will often find yourself having larger meals during the day. Or you will fall for the temptation of sweets during the day. Many dieters find themselves having large dinners large at night, due to hunger. The reason is often that they did not have a healthy breakfast.

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Avoid the 50/50 Ratio Foods

So what are 50/50 Ratio Foods all about? These are foods that come close to containing 50 percent carbohydrates and 50 percent fat. Scientists have discovered that we subconscious are drawn to foods with a ratio of 50/50 carbs and fat.

This ratio is not right for us because it makes it easier for us to gain weight and it becomes like an addiction we cannot stop.

No one would ever eat a whole bowl or sugar, or a whole bowl of cream. You will feel like vomiting. However, combining these two you have the sweetest taste, hard to say no too.

Build Lean Muscles In a Gym

Cardiovascular training is good, but lifting weight and gain muscle mass is even better for weight loss. Make sure to do compound exercises where you are engaging a lot of muscles at the same time and avoid isolation exercises such as pulling a cable for your biceps.

Lifting weights are not only muscle building, but you also train your cardiovascular system and heart function. When building lean muscles, your body will burn calories 24 hours and not only the 30 minutes you are doing the cardio.

So when you are in the gym, always prioritize your muscle building more than your cardio.

Avoid All Whites

An excellent way to prime your body for losing weight is to prevent all whites in your diet. I am talking about sugar, bread, and starches like potato, pasta, and rice. Instead, exchange these foods with beans, legumes, and lentils.

Also make sure to get plenty of vegetables, and nuts. Avoid all whites are not about going all protein with your diet, but exchanging your sources of carbohydrates with a better choice.

The Slow Carb Diet is an excellent choice here if you need more guidelines on how to do this.

Now It Is All Up To You

Now it is all up to you to get started. Using our 5 tips to start your weight loss journey for a slimmer you is a great way to get started. You can use these 5 tips as guidelines in almost any type of weight loss diet you want to do. It is not a problem to use a weight loss supplement like BestFactor either if you want to combine it with our 5 weight loss tips.

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